Presenting Miss Erzulie - at Radio Amália and More! / by Loic Da Silva

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Sunday, April 15, 2018From the respected Radio Amália to RTP1, Cordeone is making himself relevant where his heart lies: in Portugal.

The first half of Cordeone's Portugal Tour is coming to a close, and it's been an exciting journey thus far!

The Tour kicked off with multiple FNAC performances in Lisbon, with many more lined up in Porto.

An interview at the Radio Amália proved to be a great success, followed by a live performance before RDP Internacional. 

You might have also caught him on Portugal's premier TV stations: RTPI, RTP1, and SIC Internacional, to name a few.

Radio Amália

Radio Amália

If you've missed any of these performances or interviews, do not fret, the adventure's only begun. Check the calendar for upcoming performance announcements!

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