Miss Erzulie, in Portugal / by Loic Da Silva


Thursday, March 15, 2018Cordeone is bringing Ms. Erzulie to Portugal!

March is gearing up to be a busy month for Cordeone, with a series of concerts lined up in Portugal between March and April 2018. Visit the calendar to find out where you can hear Cordeone, live.

Beginnig March 29, 2018, Cordeone will tour Portugal and present Miss Erzulie at different Fnac venues from Lisbon to Porto. 

Radio and television appearances have also been scheduled during this tour, so if you're in Portugal, be sure to tune in to find out more about the album, its conception, and what's next for Cordeone.

Don't forget, you can now purchase your physical copy of Miss Erzulie directly from the Cordeone Shop.

As always, check back every month for news, updates, and all things Cordeone.


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