Cordeone Press Updates / by Loic Da Silva

Paris, France - Friday, September 15, 2017. We're here to update you on what's been going on with Cordeone over the summer as the artist preps for the last leg of the year.

If you've missed any of the press around Cordeone's new album, Miss Erzulie, out since April 2017, we're here to the rescue. We've curated a small press list of articles and interview's Cordeone has participated in over the summer, complete with links, to make sure you remain abreast of all of the activity. 

Learn more about Miss Erzulie by visiting the July post: Miss Erzulie: The Interview and don't forget to visit the site store to purchase both of Cordeone's albums. Feel free to visit the August post, for the brand new video, Entre Lobão et St. Pierre: Part II, which has garnered over 16,000 views on youtube in a month's time, and has gotten two thumbs up from greats such as french rapper Rockin Squat of Assassin.

Cordeone's next solo performance will be at the Wagons de St Branchs in France on September 23, 2017.

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Bip TV

Keep an eye out for Cordeone's latest interview on Bip TV, scheduled to air on September 24, 2017. Cordeone will be speaking about his newest album Miss Erzulie and what to expect next from his musical career. 


37 Degres Mag

Check out Cordeone's interview, Cordeone: Artiste du Monde, with this online gazette as he discusses his new album, his music, and his travels. 

Cordeone was also featured in the gazette's Clip de la Semaine (Weekly Clip) with American rapper and friend Jordan King. The clip was shot in the spur of the moment, in Brooklyn, as the two artists met up for a friendly exchange and to talk music. Take a peek at the article here.


TV Tours

Cordeone was honored to be invited on TV Tours' Tout sur un Plateau and shared personal anecdotes and stories about his musical upbringing, influences, and shaping moments with Emilie Tardif. The series was shot live, but you can still watch the interview here!


Radio Generation Tuga

Cordeone discussed his album and what's next for his music on Radio Generation Tuga.


Radio Alfa

Cordeone was a special guest on Radio Alfa in Paris, where he got to discuss his music, Miss Erzulie, and the importance of his Portuguese roots in his work.


Radio France Bleu Limousin

Cordeone was a featured guest on France Bleu Limousin, where he performed live with Brazilian friend and singer Elio Camalle. 

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