Miss Erzulie: The Interview / by Loic Da Silva

Tours, France- Saturday, July 15, 2017. If you haven't been keeping up, here's an opportunity to get up to speed with Cordeone and the release of Miss Erzulie, his sophomore album, out now in both digital and physical copies.

Miss Erzulie, Cordeone's second album, had its digital release on April 15, 2017, and is available for purchase here on the site and at Cordeone's upcoming concerts.

We sat down with the artist for his take on the long-awaited release.

1. You started recording Miss Erzulie in 2011. How does it feel to finally have the album out?

It's a liberating for me that the album is finally out now and I'm really happy. I'd love for more people to be able to discover it.

2. Who is Miss Erzulie, where did the title come from?

"Erzulie" in itself is the divinity of the woman in Haitan voodoo, and this title precisely is dedicated to the Black woman.

3. Can you tell us about the women who have inspired this album?

Well, there are ex-girlfriends, my mother, my niece, my grandmother, family members, and women who have suffered whose stories have been shared with me.

4. Let's talk about the artwork. You've created quite a statement by replicating Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam from the Sistine Chapel, depicted yourself as Adam and a beautiful woman as God. What is the message behind this visual, and how does it relate to the music and lyrics of Miss Erzulie?

The idea of this visual comes from Jeremy Cormet, who created the graphics of the album. The idea parallels Michelangelo's painting, where we can see man touching God's finger, and beeing that this is an album dedicated to women, I wanted to put the woman on a pedestal.

5. Do you consider yourself a feminist? 

I do not know what people mean exactly by the term "feminist" but it is obvious that women do not have the same place as men do in society and that is a shame. It doesn't make much sense to me; women are equal to men in my opinion.

6. You've maintained your style of international fusion, already established in your first album Vida. What makes this album stand apart from your previous one?

What distinguishes this album from the previous one is the fact that the lyrics are much more precise, as is the music. The arrangements, the compositions; everything is much more developed  than on the first album. The first album was a bit of a patchwork of what I am capable of, while this one really is a signature since lyrically it speaks of the woman and musically I played all the instruments.

7. Miss Erzulie is quite special, as you've played almost all of the instruments yourself, composed the music, written the texts, and had a creative hand in basically every aspect of its creation. How do you handle wearing so many hats?

I think it came naturally because I heard things that I wanted to reproduce, so I went in the direction of just trying to reproduce what I hear on the drums, on the bass, and on every other instrument.

8. What is your favorite track on the album, and why?

I think it's Josefina because it's a tribute to my grandmother and the lyrics touches me a lot. I took the time to perfect it, so yes, that's the one. 

9. How do you feel the album has been received thus far?

I find that it has been fairly well received by all of the communities I reach: Portuguese, French, and others, as well as by musicians who appreciate the work that has been done on the album.

10. What have you learned as a result of the process of bringing this album to life? 

It's true that writing an album makes one grow. What I learned is that... I enjoyed myself on this album by playing all the instruments, but it's showed me appreciation and the desire to record other albums with other musicians, not to work alone on an album; that was quite an experience though. I learned to refine my lyrics and the overall direction of an album in terms of the arrangement.

11. What would you say to your former self or any young artist hungry to make a living in music? 

I do not know if I'm really in a position to give advice, but what I know is that I would do exactly as I have done up now: continue to create, try to outdo oneself, and try not to sleep on your gifts.

12. Where can we hear you perform?

To my taste there are not enough places at the moment, but I am around the world right now. The dates are on my website Cordeone.com.

13. What do you hope to achieve with Miss Erzulie?

I hope to perform on beautiful stages, like the stage of the Printemps de Bourge, as well as returning on the stage of the Festival Terres du Son - the same stage I performed on in 2011 but with this album. I also hope to tour everywhere in Europe and around the globe.

14. A little birdie told us that you have a limited number of autographed copies of Miss Erzulie to give away. How can people get their hands on this FREE prize? (Have folks answer a trivia question based on this interview, and 1st 3 to answer correctly will get free signed copy of album. Ask that they take a pic of album once they received and post to their social media handles with #misserzulie and #cordeone) or have them all follow his FB fan page and his integral and twitter, 


15. What's next for Cordeone?

The focus is to promote this album to the max in Portugal, France, and New York; those are the places I am concentrating on at the moment, while continuing to compose more songs and working on evolving my art. I am also working on inviting recognized artists on the other albums I am developing.


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