Cordeone in 2017: Music, Inspiration, and a Brand New Album! / by Loic Da Silva

Tours, France - Wednesday, March 15, 2017. A few weeks ago, Cordeone packed his bags and his mind full of inspiration and zeal, and returned back home to take his music head-on.

New York has been good to Cordeone; very good in fact. Not only did he experience the musical awakening he was seeking, but he was also able to bring forth the genius necessary to complete an album he's been sitting on for over 5 years. Miss Erzulie will have its digital release on April 15, 2017, shortly followed by a physical release in May 2017!

Cordeone, who enjoys mixing different styles into his music, found great inspiration in the city that never sleeps. From young street artist on the subway platforms, to seasoned professionals delighting audiences at world-renowned venues such as Blue Note, Cordeone was able to draw from their artistry to expand his musical voice.


Since his return, Cordeone has taken that drive, working tirelessly in order to prepare the release of his second album, Miss Erzulie. With the fire and push of travel leading the way, Team Cordeone is plowing the ground for Miss Erzulie, while simultaneously putting down the groundwork for a special album that will follow, all the while expanding his reach by creating a masterful original soundtrack for a short film slated for 2018. 


I feel like creatively, I’m in the right place at the right time right now. I don’t want to lose that momentum.
— Cordeone

Get re-aquainted with Cordeone! Check out Vida, available for digital download and purchase, and be sure to check back on April 15th, 2017 to purchase the digital copy of Cordeone's latest album, Miss Erzulie.

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