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Welcome back to all things Cordeone! We've been absent for a little while but we've got lots of great news to share with you. From the live presentation of Miss Erzulie, to new videos and more, read on to find out what Cordeone has been up to over the last couple of months, and what's to come!

We're so excited to announce the live presentation of Cordeone's latest album Miss Erzulie! Join the artist and his band on December 2nd, 2017 in Gien (Région Centre), France, at L'Atelier to experience not only the exceptional sounds of Miss Erzulie, but to get reacquainted with Cordeone's Fado Mãnouche Trio (Gypsy Jazz Trio)! This is a great opportunity to venture into two different musical worlds, with Cordeone at the helm, and to get a small taste of some of the things he's got up his sleeve for his next album. Come join the Miss Erzulie Tour and meet musicians, Léa Ciechelski on the sax and flute, Nico Fernandes on the trumpet, Clément Nevoit on percussions, Dorris Biayenda on drums, Giovanni Collette on bass, Karine Jarry on keyboard and vocals, Giovanni Thévenin on vocals, and of course, Cordeone as lead vocalist and on the accordion. The Fado Mãnouche Trio consists of Gaël Rouillhac on the gypsy guitar, Giovanni Colletti on the bass, and our dear Cordeone on lead vocals, the accordion, and the Portuguese guitar. Check out the calendar page for more.


In other news, we're super excited to present the second live segment video piece from the Miss Erzulie album: Conectado live at Magic Space (in France)! Developed by Lemon Prod, an up and coming indie production company in France, Cordeone and the Miss Erzulie Tour had a lot of fun filming this clip for you to enjoy! You can watch the video at the end of this article, and we ask that you share it with all of your friends! We're stoked to see that the last music video, an animated clip for Entre Lobão et St Pierre Part II, has over 55,000 views, and counting! Team Cordeone thanks you for the support and hopes you'll help do the same with Conectado and his earlier clip, Livre de Ti, also filmed live at Magic Space. Special thanks to Lemon Prod, Adrian and Anne-Laure, and all of the folks who came together to make these videos possible.

Hold on, we're not quite finished! 

We're very excited to announce that Les Papiers Volants (Papers In The Wind), an independent short film produced by Dancing Dervish Inc. for which Cordeone created the original music, will have its world premiere at the Paris Independent Film Festival this coming Monday, November 20th, in Montmartre, Paris (France)! This will be a first for Cordeone, as he expends his musical reach to include film scoring. Ignorância, the title song for the film, will be heard for the first time by those attending the festival at Ciné 13 on the above mentioned date. You can listen to it as well by visiting our music page, but we encourage you to go see the film if you are able to, you won't want to miss out! 

Finally, Cordeone has been back in New York since October, and as his trip approaches its end, the artist continues his research by visiting the many musical venues the city has to offer. From Bam, to the Bloc Art Space, Symphony Space, and much more, Cordeone is enjoying this sort of sabbatical that has allowed him to discover and meet talented New York musicians, and learn more about the vibrant and eclectic style of the city that never sleeps. As he continues to draw inspiration for his next projects, Cordeone's travels around the world are what feed his multi-cultural voice.

We leave you with the Conectado, live at Magic Space.

Until next time!


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