NewYork, New York! / by Loic Da Silva

Brooklyn, New York - January 15, 2017. It’s been over a month since Cordeone landed in Brooklyn, and he’s here today to tell you a little something about what it is to be in the Big Apple.

Since his arrival in November, Cordeone has had the pleasure of visiting one of the greatest cities in the world and seeing what makes it so special. From Brooklyn to Queens, he’s taken advantage of his stay not only as a tourist, but also to check out the music scene and hone his craft. 

Brooklyn has been a very welcoming place for Cordeone, he says. Forte Greene, Park Slope, Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Bridge- they’ve all felt like home in a city that is often perceived by the rest of the world as vibrant, but cold. No mistake about it, New Yorkers can be rude and seem to have a hard time smiling; but there is still so much friendliness and openness. From the multitude of cultures that are represented to the cool vibes in the musical world, New York has a lot to offer to visitors like Cordeone.

Let’s say that New Yorkers are direct. When they have something to say, they say it. They’re a lot less hypocritical than people in France. This also means that when people have something rude or disrespectful to say, they say it, but when they have something good to say, they say it as well. They are also crazy. It’s a city where there’s a lot of stuff going on, good and bad.

Despite the mercurial character of New York, Cordeone has deeply appreciated what he’s seen of the music world here thus far. The passion and creativity of the musicians he’s met have inspired him in his own work and given him a new fire to bring to his projects. 

At the very first Jazz club I went to in Manhattan, I met an amazing drummer named Roberto Robinson. We really hit it off, so I reached out to him to get together and get to know each other musically by trying out some of my compositions with his stylings. I wanted to see what my music could sound like with his unique way of playing. I asked him to bring along a bass player, and he brought me Shelly Shellz. When I heard the two of them play (they were playing hip hop at another venue that day), I thought it was really powerful. It gave me lots of fresh ideas for my music and the directions I want to take it in. It’s been the highlight of my trip.

With a month and a half left in New York, Cordeone is continuously looking to meet new musicians and hear what the city has to offer. 

New York is a magical city where anything can happen. I look forward to seeing what else there is for me to find here.


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