Ballad in New York: Cordeone's First Trip to the States! / by Loic Da Silva

Brooklyn, New York - Thursday December 15, 2016. From Portugal to the United States, the travels continue for Cordeone as he makes his way to New York City in the hopes of gathering inspiration for his next projects. 

Cordeone's musical journey continues as he sets foot on American soil for the very first time to connect with American musicians and get to the heart of Jazz, Funk and Soul. 

His first stop was, of course, in the West Village, where he jammed with a group at Club Groove, joining them on stage for Superstition by Stevie Wonder and Chicken by Jaco Pastorius. He then took part in the fun at Zinc Bar's jam session, feeding off of the passion and energy each musician brought to the table.

I found that in New York, even amateurs have a lot of soul and that the improvisation techniques are much more evolved than in France. You get a very real sense that this is the home of Jazz.
— Cordeone

Cordeone's first album, Vida, was very much an exploratory work which borrowed from the improvisational stylings of Jazz. As he searched for his voice and signature, he discovered that Jazz was a natural bridge to the multiple musical genres that influenced his career and music. 

Testing his skills and creativity, within the first couple of weeks of his visit Cordeone took to Giant Steps by John Coltrane on the accordion at the request of friends and fans. The result is a home-made video teaser of what may or may not find its way into his next undertaking. At the very least, it gives followers a taste of his current state of mind and musical aspirations.

Despite his current focus on Jazz and Soul, Cordeone's recent ventures into Fado have followed him to the States. The artist was able to meet Fadistas in New Jersey and was invited to join them during the Festival of Blues in Newark, New Jersey, where he played the Portuguese guitar.

Forrozeiros also took advantage of his presence at Beija-Flor in Queens, NY, where he was invited to sing and play the accordion -Forró style, for the dancing crowd. He was also brought on stage in Brooklyn to play with a Balkan group. 

Cordeone will continue his exploration of New York City and its neighboring New Jersey to meet diverse musicians and jam with as many of them as possible as he develops his projects. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a sample video of Cordeone and capoeirist Bachir Cherif's collaborative project Je Dois Vous Raconter, which includes music, dance and Capoeira.


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His first album, Vida, is available for digital download on Amazon.

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