Fado Mãnouche and Masterclass at Festival Accordéon Pluriel! / by Loic Da Silva

Montpellier, France - Wednesday, September 23, 2016 Cordeone will play a special concert of Fado Manouche and teach a Masterclass at Maison Pour Tous for the 3rd Annual Accordéon Pluriel Festival in Montpellier, France.

Cordeone will be a guest musician at the 2016 Accordéon Pluriel Festival hosted at Montpellier’s Maison Pour Tous. The festival welcomes some of France’s most interesting accordion players to showcase the instrument’s versatility and musical pliability, as it takes spectators on a melodious journey from Portugal to the Balkans.

Cordeone plans to give audiences a taste of Fado Manouche, his fusion of Portugal’s golden musical style Fado and Gypsy Swing, spiced up by the festival’s star instrument: the accordion.  The sharp sounds of the Portuguese Guitar, a 12-string instrument played solely in Fado, is well complimented by the fast and furious prongs of the Classic Guitar, played à la Gypsy, and balanced by the Bass Guitar’s rhythmic strum. The accordion jumps in midway to give the Portugese Guitar a break, as it takes over the principal melodies and voicings that make Fado, well, Fado. The concert will take place on September 23rd. Cordeone will then teach a 2-day Accordion Masterclass at the festival from September 24-25.

Cordeone’s Fado Manouche focuses on paying tribute to these two seemingly unrelated forms of music by marrying them into perfect union, all the while introducing Fado and Gypsy Swing to larger audiences.

Both Fado and Swing Manouche are musical genres that are rooted in travel and passion, and require a certain expertise and emotional cognizance. The viola [classic guitar] gives the tempo in Fado just as the Manouche guitar does in Swing Manouche, so although different, I knew the two styles would work very well as one.
— Cordeone

You can catch Cordeone and his group at the remaining Fado Manouche concert dates by clicking here.


His first album, Vida, is available for digital download on Amazon.

You can also download some of Cordeone's music for free here.