Loïc Da Silva

An accordionist I’ve noticed for some time now. Original and musical.
— Richard Galliano (on the album Cordeone & Arnaud Ciapolino duo accordion/flute)


Cordeone began his musical journey playing in Portuguese Balls at the tender age of 9. First studying the accordion for 3 years, he went on to teach himself to play piano, classic guitar, Portuguese guitar, Brazilian percussions, drums, and the bass.  

In 1998, Cordeone embarked on a professional career in music. 
For over 10 years, he's worked with, collaborated with Jah Mason, Turbulence, Norrisman, Big Joe Turner and his Memphis Blues Caravan and many more.

Cordeone strives to compose music that best represents his personal and artistic identity.

Vida (Life, in Portuguese), Cordeone's first album, was released after two and a half years of writing, composing, arranging and pre-production. He created an eclectic representation of his musical inventiveness, borrowing from Jazz, Fado, Brazilian music, Funk, Reggae and hip hop.

Lyrics are sung in both Portuguese and French, with themes that shine a spotlight on some of the issues facing modern society. Often approached from a positive standpoint, each song puts forward a message of peace, respect and unity. The work as a whole is a somewhat autobiographical depiction of the artist's vision of life, influenced by experiences that have shaped his person. 

Vida has been praised and backed by Jazz à ToursAcordéons Gadji, Propul'son.

Just 3 days after the album release, Cordeone secured the opening acts for Ben l'oncle Soul, Danakil (La Nuit du Reggae) and La Ruda Salska; and also guest starred in the opening scene of Cédric Kahn's last film (Une Vie Meilleure), opposite Guillaume Canet and Leïla Bekhti. 

He then went on to perform as a principal act in July 2011 at the Festival Terres du SON, alongside artists such as Patrice, Yael Naim, Aaron, and Philippe Katherine.



In April of 2012, Cordeone shared the stage at the printemps de Bourges festival with Zenzilé. 

In 2013, he records a single and videoclip with the amazing Clyde Spencer (The Driftersand founded the trio Akoma with French-Portuguese singer Maryse Pires Da Silva and violinist kossovar Lurian Yméri. 

As he awaits the album's release, Cordeone is collaborating with artists from around the world, such as Lìvia Mattos, Ricardo Ribeiro, Emmanuel Kassimo, Jacqueline Corado (La Cage Dorée) and Indien percussionist Teepu Khan.

He is currently touring in Europe with the Fado Mãnouche trio and Miss Erzulie

In 2017, His second album releases and He sings at Lincoln Center with Forrò in the Dark.

... 2018, new album coming, new opportunities !!